Costs support from budgeting to assessment

Law firms come to us because we complement and enhance the advice they provide.  We work seamlessly with the dispute resolution team, adding our specialist knowledge where it is most needed.

By offering support at each of the crucial stages of negotiation, mediation, and assessment of costs, we help law firms to secure the best results for their clients.

A diagram of the phases of costs support from budgeting to assessment

Budget Compilation

We help prepare Precedent H budgets, Precedent R budget discussion reports, Precedent T budget variation applications and early-stage budgets for client care and funding purposes, providing assurance that the client is proceeding with the best information.

For incurred costs, we do the spade work to categorise and summarise incurred costs, reducing a litigation team's workload and freeing them up to focus on progressing the case.  When it comes to estimating future costs, we help define assumptions, facilitate discussions and gather input from the law firm, counsel and experts. Measuring divergence from underlying assumptions helps our clients to act quickly to revise budgets when significant changes appear on the horizon.

Bills of Costs

We re-order and optimise the law firm's electronic time recording data using our own semi-automated processes to create the foundation of a bill of costs. This allows us to concentrate on adding value to the explanatory content in the bill. The client benefits from our expert analysis of the key components that impact recovery levels and mitigate litigation risk. 

Points of Dispute and Replies

We provide unparalleled support for law firms and their clients so that they can navigate ADR and dispute pathways with confidence. Our robust advice on protective offers and our realistic parameters for settlement enable swift and decisive action to be taken.

Detailed assessment hearings

Whether through ADR or court proceedings, we have a strong record of success.

Detailed assessment can be an expensive process where the costs in issue are very large.  When settlement isn't feasible or opponents won't engage, we distil preliminary issues for the court to decide. This narrows the gap between the parties and keeps costs to a minimum.

Our partnership with specialist costs counsel ensures efficiency and support for law firms and optimises results for their clients.

Our specialist expertise in group litigation

The subject matter of the cases we work on is often of public importance and calls for sensitive handling at all stages.

Our experience in group and other collective actions includes privacy/data breach, product liability, competition cases, environmental damage, industrial disease, personal injuries and disaster litigation.

We advise on costs management within group litigation and prepare bespoke budgets often involving layers of common and individual costs which may involve several law firms on each side.  

Practico provide an excellent client service, achieve fantastic results and are the complete package when it comes to all things costs related. They are the go-to firm.”
George McDonald, 4 New Square